April 2021

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Thursday Thoughts

We often find ourselves tired after along flight. Just imagine how difficult it must have been to traverse the planet on horseback. Really makes that airline seat look good, doesn’t it? #moderntravel #Thankgodfortechnology

Friday Funny

Australia and Austria are two different countries in the opposite corners of the world, yet they sound so similar that it’s easy to confuse them. A few years ago, a lady intending to go from Germany to Austria booked the wrong flight and ended up in Australia instead. Must have been quite shock! Share your own funny air travel stories! #oops

Saturday Spotlight

Imagine snowy white peaks, some of the world’s highest mountains and locals so formidable yet loyal that the British continue to recruit them for their army to this day. Today’s featured destination is Nepal. It quite safe, very picturesque and always worth a visit. #everest #nepal #travel

Sunday Special

Feeling down at work? Then sand, sunshine and seashells are what you need. Introducing Cancun. Mexico’s hidden jewel. If you want ancient Mayan ruins, pristine white beaches, and access to the second largest reef in the world, this is where you need to go. We can easily arrange a trip custom tailored to your needs. # Cancun #traveldiaires #letsgo

Museum Monday

The Madam Tussauds museum is the most well-known wax museum in the world. Its primary branch is located in London and features eerily lifelike replicas of some of the world’s most prominent people. Including, the Queen, Beyonce and Alfred Hitchcock. #MadamTussauds

Travel Tip Tuesday

Whenever travelling abroad, always get photocopies of your documents like your passport and visa. It is best to leave your documents safe in your room and carry the copies instead. Better yet, get scans as well and email them to yourself. These little precautionary acts can save you from a world of trouble if something happens to your bags or pockets while out. #traveltipstuesday

Wildlife Wednesday

Africa is home to some of the largest and best stocked wildlife sanctuaries in the world. It is very safe to travel to many these countries and very affordable too. Get in touch to see a Rhino up close and personal. #Wildlifewednesday #travel #nature #KingoftheJunglelivesinaSavannah

Thirsty Thursday

Imagine climbing mount Lebanon and seeing the Levant spread out below you. All that climbing was hard work and now your throat is rather parched. Perhaps a cool glass of Laban can help. This delicious white milk and yoghurt drink is a staple of West Asia. It is just as delicious as it is simple to make.  #drinkingwhitedrinks #Laban #MediterraneanCuisine

Favorite Trip Friday

As travelers we are not very picky about where we go but that doesn’t mean we don’t have preferences. Let’s all share memories of some of our favorite trips to have a merry time sharing in nostalgia.

Saturday Spotlight

It’s a strange thing really. When people are all really busy during the workweek, they can think of a dozen more things they want to do and million places they want to be. But on weekends find themselves devoid of ideas. Fortunately, we are experts at planning your trips. Be it long or short, we can help with all! #Saturday #short trip #travel

Sunday Leisure

In your opinion, what is the ideal way to spend the holiday? Should one spend time with their family? Go on a short trip? Take some time out to rest? What do you think? How would you spend the weekend? #SundayLeisure # Chillout

Munching Monday

France is well known globally for its iconic crispy long bread (baguette) , but a truly unappreciated masterpiece is: Ratatouille. Imagine a scrumptious concoction of vegetables, tomato, and garlic added in sync and baked to perfection. Never have veggies looked (or tasted) so good! #MunchingMonday #Ratatouille #SorryNoMiceInvolved

Travel Tuesday

For today’s featured destination think of three words: pyramids, desert and diving in the clear blue sea. Welcome to Egypt. Everybody’s heard of it but what should you really expect away from the glamour of Hollywood? Picture friendly locals, amazing history and boundless hospitality and you’ve got Egypt. #traveltuesday #mystery #history #Egypt

Wednesday Wishlist

Its Wednesday. The weekend is still two days away and you’re done with that file for Jerry from accounting. You really want Chinese takeout and your work is done but its only 3 pm. What are you to do? How about preparing a wish list? Think of all the things you want to do, note them down and promise yourself time to do them. Works wonders for motivation. #Motivation #Wednesdaywishlist

Thursday thrills

Snowboarding is a vastly underestimated and underappreciated sport. Not by us though. We know exactly how much fun it can be. If you have time and can ride a skateboard fairly well, then give it a try, you won’t regret it. #Thursdaythrills #snowboarding #StandTallOrNotAtAll

Fun Fact Friday

Most of the menu items you can find at Chinese food shops in America, you would not actually find in China. Why? Because they have been adapted significantly to suit North American taste #funfactfriday #Chinesefood


In recent times, light pollution has made it impossible for us to view and appreciate the true beauty of the nighttime sky. To get the true experience, plan a small get away to a nearby country area. #weekendplans #starrysky

Sunday Special

Jamaica is an Island nation in the Caribbean. It is well known for its distinctive brand of English, beautiful beaches and deep history. A major attraction is the ruined port of Jamestown which was notorious for its pirate inhabitants. If you want to take a trip there, you know who to call. #Jamaica #CaribbeanHoliday

Motivation Monday

“A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.” – Tim Cahill. Good travels are made only better by good companions, so get up, fetch your buddy and let’s go!

Tuesday Thoughts

What would it feel like to be designed for traveling the seas? Look no further than the seagull. This bird had a deep beak it can use to catch fish, is able to survive drinking seawater, had webbed feet that allow it to swim, a light body that never sinks and of course, can fly for 80 miles without needing to land. It is weird to be jealous of an animal?#seagulls #MastersOfTheSea

Wanderlust Wednesday

Some people gain energy from being surrounded by other people and others gain it by going to nature. Whichever group you belong to, we have the perfect place for you: Just catch a plane to Dublin, Ireland to get the best of both worlds. Friendly locals, a well-planned city and many party spaces for extroverts alongside quaint country residencies, forests and farms for the introvert #people #travel #Dublin #wanderlustwednesday

Throwback Thursday

Thursday is once again upon us so let’s take a moment to honor the greatest traveler of all time and the king of side trips: Ibn Battuta. He lived around the 12th century and was well known for being fond of exploration. His writings have preserved many details of the world as he knew it #inspiration #sidetripking #letstravel

Feature Friday

In today’s feature Friday, we proudly present: Rome. The capital of Italy, the key stone of an empire and the headquarters of a religion. That is the legacy of this great city and few others can boast this level of global influence. #travelnerd #history #Rome


The famous children’s story Peter Pan quite often mentions the Lost Boys’ home of Neverland, that one place where children never grow old. What would you do if you could stay young forever? Would you traverse the globe intent upon witnessing its wonders in entirety now that you have ample time? Or would you become a storyteller, relaying old knowledge to younger generations? What do you think? #travelislove #Neverland


Despite our many scientific advances, there are many things we can not do. We cannot at present, explore the complete depths of the sea in person, nor can travel into the depths of the solar system. But to imagine the future generations doing all that we consider impossible today is truly heartening. After all, just one hundred years ago, people believed going to the moon was impossible but soon it was done. What do you think? Will humanity one day freely explore outer space? #travel #whimsical #daydreaming #hope

Move It Monday

As a traveler, one often must make do with what is available. That means fast-food is often one’s only source of sustenance. It is important to keep up with exercises to maintain your fitness while travelling. If you’re a long-term traveler, it’s better to occasionally embark on a trip that requires extensive physical activity like swimming or hiking to balance out the indulgence in street food #MoveItMonday #Fitness #Travel

Tasty Tuesday

One of the most underrated snack foods in the world is the Shawarma. Picture this: A flatbread roll packed with grilled chicken, exotic sauces, a dash of pickle and (surprisingly) French fries. Widely available from Greece all the way to India, this Middle Eastern wrap sandwich may not sound like much, but don’t dismiss it until you try it!

Wildlife Wednesday

Whenever you think of goats, the word hardcore does not come to mind. But that is only because you have never heard of the Markhor. The Markhor, (literally: snake eater) is a goat species found in the Himalayan Mountains of Pakistan and is well known for devouring the slithery reptiles like noodles and other seemingly impossible stuff like climbing trees. You will never see any other goat as hardcore as this one #Markhor #WildlifeWednesday #Travel


Thinking Thursday

Does your eyes sparkle too when you dream about your fascinating vacation? If I get a chance, I’d depart to Cancun for its perfect white sand beaches. When I will go there, I would love to stay in a five-star hotel with all services and spa. I’d stick around downtown Cancun to enjoy the local culture, delicious food and some Mexican wrestling. This was me! And you? What destination do you think about? #traveldreaming

Favorite Trip Friday

What do you miss most when looking back on your trips in the old days? Other than the fact that all you needed was a passport to travel! But that day is coming back. It’ll be soon – and then you’ll be ready to make the trip of a lifetime. So start planning it now, using your past favorite trips as a guide. Give me a call and tell me about your favorite past trip, and I’ll plan you one just like it despite the restrictions! #travelagain #travelplans #travelagent

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